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A SFX Music Industry ‘Mashup’!


Picking up four South African Music Award nominations and respect from many fans across the country who enjoy their fusion of sound and music video effects, we met up with Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Mthae from The Muffinz, to find out how SFX can fine tune a recipe for success for artists in the South African music industry. Like muffins, The Muffinz are made up of different ingredients. Apart from their music as the main ingredient to their success, this band has shown a lot of progression over recent times by adding special effects to their music videos.

Intro1 copy

(Please check out: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByZwOXld36dgZEJ1dS04dFpwVmM/view?usp=sharing).

The Turbulent Pictures team find this niche extremely interesting and consider it to be a competitive advantage to do SFX & VFX for music videos. Zamani, SFX Editor at Turbulent Pictures, spoke to Mthae to see how SFX & VFX can add more flavour to our local music industry –a winning formula that will make The Muffinz rise.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.34.07Mthae is inspired by how SFX enhances storytelling and how it brings their music to life. “I’ve always had a passion for SFX and grew up reading Superman comics. The visual stimulation was also on another level back then. If it weren’t for those comic books, my imagination would be monochrome with a splash of emptiness”. Mthae also explains that there is a very big need in South Africa for SFX specifically the music industry in order for bands and artist to stay relevant to the ever-changing audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.25.54

At Turbulent Pictures we believe that we can bring imaginations to life across various industries ranging from advertising, live performance arts, music, TV production, theatre, films and many more. It’s a mashup of industries using SFX to enhance the story being told!

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